Prizes worth €200 for recommending houses for sale!


Recommends and receives


An excellent way to get income! Recommend it to those who want to sell a house!

From today comes a new way to promote homes and real estate in the real estate market. An innovative way of working: recommend a house for sale and receive a prize of 200€.

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How does it work?

It is a simple process subdivided into 7 steps to receive a prize worth 200€ for recommending houses for sale.


You don't need to open activity to receive your prize!


Yes, you can recommend more than one property, there is no limit to make recommendations. Our godchildren have found a new form of extra income from the recommendation of homes.

There are no limits to the recommendations. We have some affiliated agents, who have found a form of extra income to propose more owner who want to sell the house.

At the moment, this operation is only available for the Greater Lisbon and South Bank area.

Yes, you can recommend it to anyone. There are no exclusions because it belongs to the same aggregate.

Yes, you can recommend it to anyone who wants to sell your house.

Yes, we may authorize some marketing tools as long as provided by us. We do not authorize the creation of content. A media pack will be provided to facilitate dissemination.

No, this campaign is not available to minors. You can talk to your parents and find a new way to receive the award.

It could be on social media, or on word-of-the-word.

You can contact us or consult our website. As a general rule, whenever a property is sold, we will contact you.

At the time of signing the real estate mediation contract and, up to 7 days after signing, the bank transfer of 20€will be made. The remaining 180€ will be paid within 30 days of the sale of the property.

Anyone, as long as they’re of age. This program is open to all, including real estate agents.

No, you won’t be required to be present. The seller will have to provide us with some data about the person who recommended it.

What do the other people !!!

With this program I meet people who want to sell their houses, apartments and land. Every time the seller indicates my name I get 20€. In the end, when the agency sells the property I get another 180€.
Thank you Imotelect, I really like this program!

Maria Silva

My husband and I were very eager to put our house up for sale. After childbirth, it was necessary to find a larger house, so that we have room for everyone. When it was necessary to choose the agency with which we were going to work, he proposed to Imotelect for professionalism. On the day of signing the mediation contract with the agency, we put my husband's name as godson and in less than a week we had already received the first prize!! Now that the house is sold, we have already received the rest of the value and so we can still save some money for our new house.
This partnership was a success!

Ana Ramos

We provide a media kit to be able to publicize this campaign! What about you? Improve your income with more prizes!

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We provide this form for any existing questions regarding the godson service.
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– mobile phone: 969 009 593

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